Never Ignore a Stranded Motorcyclist

Over Memorial Day Weekend my wife and I traveled throughout Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri taking in various sites, sounds, and smells on an almost twelve hundred mile adventure on our motorcycles. (Yes, my 5’5″ tall wife rides a 2013 Victory XCT) Of all the things we experienced and all the folks we met I will always remember a motorcyclist named Ron from Alaska. I met him alongside the highway outside of St. Louis where his Harley was broke down with nail in the tire. When we stopped to see if we could offer assistance we were greeted with a big smile, ‘You are the only bikers to stop. And, I’ve been here a while.” I responded “Yeah. It sucks to be stranded on the side of the road and watch bikers wave as they pass by.”

When I began riding there was a code. Part of which stated “NEVER leave a motorcyclist stranded on the side of the road.” The truth is almost all non motorcyclists will not stop for a biker. It’s just a fact. Although a rider may have road side assistance or a working cell phone to call for help that is no excuse to ride passed. You may have the tool they need to get riding, water to quench their thirst, the ability to go get help, a ride to the hospital,  helpful encouragement, or any number of ways to assist. In my opinion, if you see a broke down biker on the road and do not stop, then you my friend need to trade in your sled for a cage, because you have missed something somewhere about what it means to ride these roads on two wheels.

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts on this matter. Please leave comments below.



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